Fun Times with a Pineapple!

Spring Photo Shoot

Spring Photo Shoot

Not exactly sure why, but we’ve been obsessed with the idea of having a photo shoot with a pineapple and with so many gorgeous new pieces (we’re literally draping ourselves in druzys), we grabbed our favourite girl and let the good times roll. Polar Vortex is for sissys! Our model “slashy” photographer braved the Ottawa winter in her prettiest, sheerest, springiest finest while blowing glitter over and over and over again! So here’s a little peak at our pineapple meets girl, meets glitter, meets jewellery shoot.
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New Beginnings!

Wow! It has been a ridiculously long time since we’ve posted on our blog so it’s definitely time to give it the love it deserves. We took a little hiatus from all things Pish Posh but don’t think we’ve been slacking off, lounging pool side and eating bon bons all day…well maybe just a little…truth is we were both blessed with perfect little bundles of baby boy joy and life has been beyond sweet! Tiny little toes and roly poly baby bellies have given way to “gasp” toddlers! Truly amazed at how fast our little dudes have grown! Already walking and trying to talk, getting into everything but still full of hugs and kisses for their mommies! LIFE IS GOOD! GREAT! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Introducing our sweet little dudes!




A Little Bit of Pish Posh in Ottawa Magazine!

We love working with stylists! Seeing our jewellery pop up in cool places is always a thrill! So when Ottawa Style Guru, Erica Wark, approached us to use some Pish Posh jewellery in a style piece for Ottawa Magazine, it was an easy “Yes, please!” Fabulous clothes from two of Ottawa’s most talented designers, Rachel Sin and Frank Sukhoo, take center stage in this month’s issue, but we think that our Victorian Lace cocktail rings and Callisto bangles add that certain “je ne sais quoi.” Of course we are being totally objective and not biased at all!

p.s. You can check out the pictures in all their glory at or pick up a copy of this month’s edition!

Fashion Faves for Fall!

Dear Fall,

Thank you for making your glorious appearance full of changing colours, cozy nights and pumpkin spice lattes! Although waving goodbye to an amazing Indian Summer is bittersweet and dreaded thoughts of an impending cruel, cold winter creep into our minds, we’ll always be thankful for your fabulous fall style! Presenting a few of our current fall favourites!

Yours Truly,
The girls of Pish Posh

Every girl needs a retro inspired cape coat!

Love! Love! Love this chunky sweater and maxi skirt combination!

A fabulous faux fur vest is a Fall fashion must have!

A floppy hat and an armful of bangles are the perfect accessories for any boho-chic outfit!

Leather leggings whether they’re real or faux, rocked dressy or casual are a definite “YES PLEASE!”

Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays…

Dreadful Mondays. Those Boomtown Rats really know where it’s at! Sundays do not fall far behind those dreadful Mondays. Sundays start off pretty darn good. It is the day of relaxation, bumming around, indulging in delicious brunch and just enjoying the company of good friends/family or just enjoying some good old fashion solo time. But as the sun sets and night falls, the impending Monday is just around the corner and Sunday doesn’t look so good anymore. But our saving grace, our best and favourite Monday fashion accessory, Starbucks coffee. So pretty, so delicious, so needed. Happy Monday!
Hope you are enjoying your day pish poshers : )

Five Heart Friday!

We are totally crushing on Adele and her amazing song Rolling in the Deep. We have been caught one too many times belting out this tune while dancing with our mops. Our poor families not only have to endure our horrific vocals, but witness our dancing too. It is truly appalling, especially when the neighbours are seen giggling uncontrollably, but don’t blame us, we can’t help it, blame the music. We got soul. Don’t try and hinder it.

Should you wish to escape our musical stylings, whisk yourself away on a super cool old school retro bicycle (which we are totally wanting to purchase) and peddle quickly and swiftly as we are fast on our feet…beware as you are in the presence of two 1980s and 1990s Canada Fitness gold badge recipients. Totally not bragging, just stating the facts and felt it was relevant to share with you. Gym class was good to us.

While we are chasing you, we will be doing it style as we will be adorning our feet with the ever so colourful Hunter wellies and the super cute ever so popular rompers. Sure maybe you wouldn’t necessarily pair these two together, but who knows what puddles lay ahead, and we like looking cute while breaking a sweat. Don’t judge.

We also need our wellies not only for the cuteness factor, but practicality as we will need them to tip toe through the tulips. We adore spring and all the beautiful flowers that bloom, but our favourite are the tulips. The Tulip Festival makes the capital look so beautiful and lovely. Thank you Holland! Driving home is so much more appealing when the scenery is full of colourful tulips and not dead grass and mud.

High Five to Five Heart Fridays!