Flowers in Your Hair

Its a grey, rainy day and our dreary forecast promises much of the same for the rest of the week. That’s okay with us though as thoughts of sunshine, bare feet and colourful blossoms dance in our heads…the promise of spring time goodness keeps a smile on our faces. Pretty hard pressed to find something that screams spring time happiness more then a lush crown of blooms. A pretty touch of gamine goodness with a good dose of bohemian cool equals perfection. Excited to get your flower crown DIY on? Volia! A fabulous tutorial from the girls at Best Friends for Frosting!


Fashion Faves for Fall!

Dear Fall,

Thank you for making your glorious appearance full of changing colours, cozy nights and pumpkin spice lattes! Although waving goodbye to an amazing Indian Summer is bittersweet and dreaded thoughts of an impending cruel, cold winter creep into our minds, we’ll always be thankful for your fabulous fall style! Presenting a few of our current fall favourites!

Yours Truly,
The girls of Pish Posh

Every girl needs a retro inspired cape coat!

Love! Love! Love this chunky sweater and maxi skirt combination!

A fabulous faux fur vest is a Fall fashion must have!

A floppy hat and an armful of bangles are the perfect accessories for any boho-chic outfit!

Leather leggings whether they’re real or faux, rocked dressy or casual are a definite “YES PLEASE!”

Crushing on Coach

We are generally not slaves to labels, but we are totally digging Coach’s new fall purse line up. Everything old is new again and their Classic Collection is the ultimate tribute to their iconic 1970s designs. The colours, the textures and the simplicity of the purses make us swoon in delight. Rest assure we have added these lovelies to our wish list and have strategically placed this list in well lit areas for our family members to see and take note for the holiday season. Oh to have such beautiful arm candy to call our own. We now present to you our favourites. Love them to pieces!

Coachella or Bust!

Coachella is merely three days away and since we plan on someday attending this iconic music festival, we thought it best to preplan our cute boho-chic outfits! The essentials? Vintage dresses, sexy denim shorts, flowy tops and a super cute romper! Best not to forget hot yet mega comfortable sky high wedges, fabulous jewellery and cool sunnies! Rock on with your bad self!

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Fashion Faves from Oscars Past!

The crème de la crème of award shows is upon us, THE OSCARS, and they never disappoint when it comes to the red carpet! It shall be a sheer delight to witness Hollywood elites walking the red carpet draped in luxurious haute couture gowns and dripping in gorgeous jewels! To celebrate this joyous occasion, we have made a collage of our past favourites! Enjoy and may the 2011 Oscars bring more fashion joy into our lives!

Purple and Turquoise: A Love Story

There comes a time in everybody’s life when we are slammed down by the senseless comment of another. Such a time came to us a few years ago and although some may think us petty or slightly obsessed, her comment has stuck to us like a nasty piece of gum on our fabulous stiletto! The following story may prove shocking to some, but we feel it is important to share lest others suffer our fashion plight!

It was the summer of 2009 and we had the extreme pleasure of accessorizing gorgeous models for a chic fashion show. While expertly adorning our models in complementary Pish Posh pieces, we were disrupted by a “stylist” (we use this term loosely) who declared that our jewellery, “didn’t go with the outfits!” It was like a slap to the face, shocking with a sting! See the models were about to strut the runway wearing gorgeous deep purple and we were delighted to add stunning turquoise jewellery for a spectacular pop! Feeling that this stylist should be instantly stripped of her fashionable status, we quickly decided she was insane and chose to ignore her ridiculous comment. Thankfully we were right to disregard her crazy talk and spent the rest of the evening sipping cocktails and drinking in congratulatory high fives from the true fashionistas in the room. Yes, the night ended wonderfully and although we rarely second guess our style intuition, we felt it necessary substantiate our love of purple and turquoise and further point out her erroneous ways by means of a celebrity collage. Enjoy!