Five Heart Friday!

We are totally crushing on Adele and her amazing song Rolling in the Deep. We have been caught one too many times belting out this tune while dancing with our mops. Our poor families not only have to endure our horrific vocals, but witness our dancing too. It is truly appalling, especially when the neighbours are seen giggling uncontrollably, but don’t blame us, we can’t help it, blame the music. We got soul. Don’t try and hinder it.

Should you wish to escape our musical stylings, whisk yourself away on a super cool old school retro bicycle (which we are totally wanting to purchase) and peddle quickly and swiftly as we are fast on our feet…beware as you are in the presence of two 1980s and 1990s Canada Fitness gold badge recipients. Totally not bragging, just stating the facts and felt it was relevant to share with you. Gym class was good to us.

While we are chasing you, we will be doing it style as we will be adorning our feet with the ever so colourful Hunter wellies and the super cute ever so popular rompers. Sure maybe you wouldn’t necessarily pair these two together, but who knows what puddles lay ahead, and we like looking cute while breaking a sweat. Don’t judge.

We also need our wellies not only for the cuteness factor, but practicality as we will need them to tip toe through the tulips. We adore spring and all the beautiful flowers that bloom, but our favourite are the tulips. The Tulip Festival makes the capital look so beautiful and lovely. Thank you Holland! Driving home is so much more appealing when the scenery is full of colourful tulips and not dead grass and mud.

High Five to Five Heart Fridays!


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