High Five Friday!!!

Commence the Friday Happy Dance as the weekend is around the corner and Pish Posh High Five Friday is back! What are we hearting on this sunny Friday??? Oh the possibilities are endless, but to avoid looking gluttoness, we have narrowed it down to five…we kinda of have to as it is called High Five Fridays…we digress…shall we begin?

High Five One: If we could have an endless supply of chocolate M&Ms we would be in heaven…it is our idea of daily calcium intake. It is chocolaty goodness!

High Five Two: Rihanna and David Guetta’s Who’s that Chick is dance floor perfection. Honestly, who can resist shaking their groove thang to that tune? We instantly want to shimmy and shake what our mama’s gave us. Let the dance off begin…sigh…those never end well.

High Five Three: Bright, bold, beautiful clothing and accessories are everywhere and it is absolutely welcomed after a long, grueling and drab winter. How exciting is it to know that you can have fun with colours, patterns and prints? We seriously love mixing it up!

High Five Four: We are totally nostalgic and longing for a Polaroid camera. Nothing was more fun than posing, clicking and waiting for the picture to instantly produce right in front of your eyes. And let’s face it. The vintage effect of the Polaroid image is sheer perfection. We smell a purchase coming on quickly…

High Five Five: Cozying up on the big comfy couch and watching Cougar Town. The crazy antics of the cul-de-sac crew make us giggle in delight and their love of wine and hanging out by the kitchen island makes us feel beyond normal. Thanks Courtney!

High Five to High Five Fridays!
Peace Out Pish Poshers


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