Gorgeous Gals and Gowns of Golden Globes Past! (We Dig Alliteration)

Its that time of year again when movie and fashion lovers alike rejoice!!! Awards season is upon us and we can’t wait to get our fashion fix, drown in all the gorgeousness and revel in the delicious train wrecks that never fail to delight. Tomorrow night marks the 68th Annual Golden Globes and you can be sure we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see who the Fashion Gods deem worthy of supernova style status. Although many will try to get it right, only few will truly dazzle, be rocketed into the fashionable stratosphere and be forever remembered as utterly amazing. Waxing nostalgic about the Globes of the past, we thought we’d get into the spirit by sharing some of our fave starlets in all of their other worldly style! These ladies are all so ridiculously stunning that we are equally awestruck and consumed by jealously! Thank goodness for the barage of “fashion don’ts” who never fail to burn our eyeballs with their drecktitude and make us feel a teensy bit better about ourselves. Enjoy!


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