Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Anyone who has experienced a great Canadian winter understands the plight of attempting to look presentably cute in an abundance of layers such as big burly winter jackets, hats, scarves, mitts, boots while attempting to shield yourself from the Arctic wind barrelling down on you!

Perhaps we are being a tad dramatic, but seriously, we totally aren’t! The only good thing about winter is owning a fabulous coat that you can throw overtop of any unattractive outfit while doing run-arounds and no one would be the wiser that you’re sporting your Mrs. Timberlake t-shirt…um not that we own a t-shirt like that (eyes darting back and forth).

Any who…back to the heartache that is winter and the never ending quest for the perfect outdoor ensemble. Practical over fashionable? Fashionable over practical? A major dilemma when facing the cruel winter months ahead.

Although we loathe the cold, we are slaves to fashion, glutton to punishment and absolutely adore looking like we came out of the pages of a J. Crew photo shoot, we opt for fashionable over practical. We are not proud of this fact, but can’t blame us gals for being honest and looking super cute during the winter months! Winter, you may take our warmth, but you will never take OUR FASHION!

Check out celebs looking faboo and fashionable during the cold and frosty months!


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