Everything’s Coming Up Baby

It is the year of the baby bumps! It seems that Hollywood is coming up babies!
Every day there is a new baby bump appearing amongst the Hollywood masses. We feel as though we should jump on this bandwagon and get us a bump…at least this way we would have a valid excuse for consuming chocolate and wine (okay wine doesn’t count…geez!) every day. So how did we miss this emerging trend? We obviously didn’t receive the memo. Why do we sound bitter to be excluded from operation baby bump? We kid. We joke. We are truly happy for all these mommies-to-be and can’t wait to see what these Hollywood debutants will be wearing on the red carpet!

But if you are a mommy-to-be, check out Queen Mother Maternity in Ottawa. Super stylish clothing with amazing jewellery (jewellery being pish posh – we like to toot our own horn and plug our jewellery on occasion…toot toot) which will fit even after the baby arrives! Now that is a faboo deal!

Peace out Pish Poshers!


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