Pish Posh’s Super-Fantastico Photo Shoot

AdriaWe’re so excited and we just can’t hide it!  Now we totally understand what the Pointer Sisters were singing about all those years ago!!!  We had the most amazing weekend which consisted of good friends, munchies and a camera!  Pish Posh had their FIRST ever photo shoot, and we enlisted our incredible BFF Petar, who we dubbed the next Nigel Barker, as our fashion photographer and Adria, the next “it” girl, to be the face of Pish Posh jewellery!!!

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to the following people for ALL their amazing help!!!  You guys totally rocked and you totally made the day a success!

·         Petar, our eye candy/photographer (Nigel beware!  There is a new model turned photographer in town).

·         Adria, our top model extraordinaire who smiled with her eyes…BAM (Tyra would be proud!).

·         Christa, our hairstylist and make-up artist (Christian Marc would be envious)

·         Alyssandra, our ingénue behind the scenes photographer who took amazing pictures as the day unfolded (Annie Leibovitz has some fierce competition).

·         Marija, our super fantastic assistant who trekked the laptop, food, clothing and jewellery for five hours and never once complained.

Now don’t think that the ladies of pish posh just had fun in the sun and worked on our tans.  Oh no my friends! Petar would not have any of that although we secretly did try!  We had the utmost privilege of being Petar’s very own personal assistants as we too were dubbed Miss J and Jay Manuel, directors of the photo shoot.

We now put our serious faces on because we highly and we mean HIGHLY recommend Petar, the man behind the lens, and Adria!  They were super professional, talented and captured our vision exactly!  Even though we dragged them through the mosquito ridden back woods of the local Ottawa wilderness.  If you know what is good for you and wish to enlist Petar or Adria, they are only an email away:

·         Petar’s Contact Information:  pduvnjak@rogers.com

·         Adria’s Contact Information: TBA

We have posted some pictures so you can sneak-a-peek of what is coming soon to Pish Posh!  Enjoy!

Hugs and Kisses

The gals of pish posh

Pish_Posh_Jewlerry_Shoot_051       Pish_Posh_Jewlerry_Shoot_019       Pish_Posh_Jewlerry_Shoot_040       Pish_Posh_Jewlerry_Shoot_005


5 thoughts on “Pish Posh’s Super-Fantastico Photo Shoot

  1. Fun stuff, girls! If you ever want to do a fun giveaway that will guarantee you’ll get a lot of visits to your blog, let me know! I’m a blogging mama and my readers would love win a piece of jewellery from your business… just let me know and we can work together! 🙂

  2. Great pieces! I hope they will be on the website soon. Please let us know when they will be ready for purchase.

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