Shout Out to Lindsay!!!

Pish Posh Marketing Director/BFF for 20+ years!Dear sweet Lindsay…our most heartfelt apologies to the buxom blond behind the magic.  You see, Linds is responsible for putting us on the track to all things Fashion Week and we callously disregarded her in our previous post.  For Shame!  Without our gorgeous little marketing director, we would have walked around with blinders, eating our chocolate chip cookie dough blizzards, completely unaware that an Ottawa fashion coo was in our midst.  Our eternal thanks to you Miss Lindsay, for opening our eyes to such a magnificent opportunity…we are merely peons and will forever grovel at your majestic feet!  Please forgive us of our monumental blunder…in the famous words of John Lennon…”we never meant to hurt you…we’re sorry that we made you cry…”  Linds, you are the wings beneath our wings!  For all three of you who had the pleasure of viewing our original Jon Bon post well, you can also thank Lindsay for providing you with hours of exquisite fantasy material…sweet Jon…the hair…the bod…oh but I digress.  Oh Lindsay…what do we have to do..”do we have to get water from the moon?  Is that what we have to do?  To make you love us…make you love us…”  



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