Bedazzling Jon Bon

Howdie Y’all! It has been awhile since we last blogged, but pres tel? How does one out do a blog that consists of Jon Bon in daisy dukes lounging on a hammock? Hmmm..tis one for the books. We long to bedazzle Mr. Bon Jovi in one of our classic pish posh pieces. Perhaps our lovely vintage locket with aventurine nuggets on a 14K goldfill chain to offset his baby blues.

No it is all too much. Ladies everywhere would flock longing for a piece of pish posh and we would be unable to keep it on the shelves. Stay away Jon! You love is like Bad Medicine!! Our style savvy fashionistas will pluck this shining star of our “Tudor Collection” right off of your heaving chest..consequences be damned!! This little gem of vintage finery, along with many other funky pieces, can be picked up at
Check us out!!!

2 thoughts on “Bedazzling Jon Bon

  1. cool, saw you gals on the Byward Market a few summers (or was it last summer…) back.

    Nice pieces.


  2. Hey!!! So cool to have a comment and from someone who has met us to boot. I really should work on this thing more often, but I’m a little lost so on the back burner it goes! Your blog, on the other hand, looks great! You should visit our brand spanking new website at!
    Take care 🙂

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