Blogging Virgins No More!

Wow…our first blog post ever!!! Not so sure what to write but this empty page is mocking us! What does one blog about on their first post ever? So much pressure to be witty, insightful and perhaps even informative. Unfortunately, everytime a tiny thought creeps to the front of our brains, its expertly squashed by this vision we had the poor fortune to witness earlier today. Jon Bon Jovi…early eighties…pre-haircut and pre-intro to depilatories…wearing nothing but ridiculously short cut-offs, a smile and an exceedingly lush layer of body hair. Hmmm…we do love him though..eventhough at his most recent concert he showed a disturbing penchant for jazz hands…its hard not too! Well there you have it, that’s our exuse for this post..that and of course the aforementioned blank mocking page. We are no longer blogging virgins in fact, we are well on our way to becoming rather slutty. But before we run off in a flurry of congratulatory pats over our newly forged status, perhaps we should let you in on our intentions. Our blog is going to have a little bit of everything: a dash of fashion, a sprinkle of celebrity gossip, and a whole whack of jewellery because that’s what we do and what we LOVE!!! Besides showcasing some of our own handmade pieces, we also want to share with you some designers that we “heart!” So there it is…we hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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